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Different Terrain Options

The Peak District offers a great variety of different terrains for your tour and we always try to avoid busy roads and connect routes using the types of terrain shown below. Our different tour grades do factor in these options but detailed below is a more in-depth explanation 


Cycle Paths

Feature on many tours

We are blessed with a lot of dedicated cycle paths in the Peak District. These tend to be pretty flat, straight and have good quality surfaces so are easy for any level of cyclist to use. Many of tours use one or more cycle paths during the tour. The only potential downside is that they can get busy during peak season and are shared with walkers 


Feature on many tours

Come with all sorts of different surfaces that you can cycle on but are often as good as cycle paths and provide an even wider network of routes to help us connect tours with very good surfaces for your tour. We will rank them as part of our tour grading so if the surface is not as good or the bridleway is harder to cycle on they it will be part of a more advanced tour  


Quiet Country Lanes

Feature on most tours

We are so lucky in the Peak District to have hundreds of miles of quiet country lanes that we can use to link up cycle paths, bridleway and other tracks to create our unique ePedals tours. Country lanes feature on almost all tours and are the best cycling surfaces of all so can be used for beginner to advanced tours. On almost all the roads there is very little traffic so they make a lovely place to eBike

Established Tracks

Mainly on intermediate tours

These are slightly rougher surfaces that mean they are a bit harder to cycle on but are by no means challenging. They are typically combinations of grass, soil and gravel but as the name suggests they are established tracks without rocks or other obstructions. Sometimes you may have to dismount to go through a gate or negotiate a small style but they should be fine for any confident cyclist


Field Tracks

Only on intermediate or advanced tours

Some tracks we use run through fields and are mainly over grass these are a little bumpier than a smooth surface and do need a little more confidence to ride. They are official routes but are not maintained like cycle paths so are also a little more unpredictable. The extra traction you get on an eBike still makes them pretty easy to ride but it is a different experience to riding on a well maintained track

Rougher Tracks

Only on Intermediate or advanced tours

Not advanced by mountain biker standards but certainly more challenging than a cycle path these rougher tracks are the most advanced we offer as part of our tours. They can have narrow trenches, some obstacles like tree roots / rocks and muddy surfaces. We only add this kind of terrain to our advanced tours so don't worry if this is not for you. Typically we only navigate this this kind of terrain for short distances to add excitement and move between other paths  

Green Lane 4.jpg

Green Lanes

On intermediate & advanced tours

Green lanes are infrequently used and unsurfaced county roads that might also be bridleways, restricted byways, byways or even minor roads. They are called green as in many cases parts of the lane become overgrown with greenery. We have some really memorable Green lanes in the Peak District to help us connect up different routes and our full suspension eBikes make them great fun to ride for intermediate and advanced riders

Ready to Choose Your Tour?

Now you have had a chance to see the different types of terrain are you ready to choose the type of tours you want to do?

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