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Tour Grades & Duration

To help you select the right tour for you we have graded all our tours in the same way that you might grade ski runs on a mountain 

Green Beginners Tours

These short tours take place on good surfaces like established cycle tracks or very quiet country lanes they can be taken at any pace and would suit anybody that can ride a bike. They will include hills but these are no problem on an eBike

Red Intermediate Tours

Red tours will include slightly more adventurous terrain than blue tours but are still mainly on tracks and roads with reasonable quality surfaces. Not really advanced but designed for people that are comfortable riding a bike 

Multi Activity Tours

All the routes between our multi activity tours will be at the Blue level so any they can be enjoyed by cyclists of all levels and you do not need to worry about getting to your next activity

Blue Easy Tours

These tours are largely on the same terrain as Green runs but cover longer distances. They may include short stretches of off road tracks, slightly narrower or downhill sections but nothing really challenging for a novice cyclist 

Black Advanced Tours

Our advanced tours would still be regarded as basic by experienced mountain bikers but feature a higher percentage of the more challenging terrain from our red runs. Any confident cyclist that does not mind a few bumps will be fine on our black runs

Tour Distances & Duration

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How Long Should it Take?

Tours have been created over a wide variety of different distances from 5 to 50 miles and how long they will take you depends on how fast you go and how many stops you make so we have built a lot of flexibility into our time estimates. Each tour gives a max duration 
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