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About the Peak District

The Peak District is made up of 2 distinct geological areas known as the White Peak and the Dark Peak 


The White Peak consists mainly of rolling limestone hills, crags, dry stone walls and historic towns. It is well served by cycle trails so it makes an ideal base for the majority of our tours and our main cycle hubs

The Dark Peak comprises of higher gritstone uplands and moors with spectacular passes and makes an ideal location for some of our longer and most iconic tours that depart from our remote cycle hubs

This is why Peak District is the perfect location for our first ePedals Countryside e-Bike touring site and also because it has the following...

Why the Peak District is Perfect for eBike Touring?

Established Trail Network

of good quality off road routes often using old railway lines

Quiet Country Lanes

Miles and miles of quiet country lanes with breathtaking scenery

Varied Countryside

from rolling hills, lakes, forests to chocolate box villages

Historic Sites & Attractions

Plenty of sites of historic interest and popular tourist attractions

National Park

All the benefits of being a  National Park with its natural beauty spots

Picturesque Towns & Villages

Packed with quality accommodation,
shops, cafes & pubs 


Peak District eBike Experts

When you take a tour with us you are getting a lot more than just an e-bike and a route you are getting an insight into the best the Peak District has to offer - the best views, the best pubs, the best villages, the best accommodation

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Popular Peak District Attractions

Chatsworth House

Historic Stately Home, Farmyard and Gardens with Art Collection

Great British Car Journey

Interactive Car Museum & Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

Cromford Mills

Discover where the Industrial Revolution started at this historic site

Carsington Water

Large reservoir surrounded by beautiful countryside

Buxton Spa Town

Historic spa town with stunning opera house and Georgian crescent

The Peak District is one of the most visited National Parks in the UK and is packed with many interesting places to visit so this is just a few of the most popular that feature in our countryside eBike tours

Nature & Wildlife in the National Park

On every tour there is always an opportunity to see some of the wild plants and living things that are synonymous with the Peak District.   . 


The Limestone Valleys & Dales of the White Peak host a greater variety of life particularly in the Dales where mans influence is less evident. The limestone has promoted heather, bilberry, yellow mountain pansy and heath grasses. The native woodlands consist of ash, elm, yew and lime with an undercover cherry, dogwood and hazel. Pastureland may reveal thyme, milkwort, rock rose, violets and orchid. They attract a host of insects and creatures like the brown argus butterflies and nesting wheatears. The rivers Wye and Dove are teaming with may flies and stone flies providing ideal food for trout, grayling, swifts and dippers.


The heather covered gritstone moors and peat bogs of the Dark Peak contain a lesser variety of plants with large areas dominated by heather, bilberry, cotton grass and moor grasses. Less common plants include bearberry, cloudberry, oak and beech ferns. The heather moors provide a home for red grouse and back grouse and the more common meadow pipit. In the remnants of the oak and silver birch woodlands a variety of woodland birds frequent including redstart, pied flycatcher, and wood warbler. The mountain hare is a rare beauty to behold and birds of prey can often be spotted


Keep vigilant and you may encounter these wonders whilst cycling through this magnificent scenery.

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