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Tour FAQs

Detailed below are some of the most common questions (with answers) that we get asked about our services  but we are always happy to talk if these do not answer your queries


Are there any age or weight limits?

Yes - as an eBike is powered mode of transport our insurance will not cover any riders under the age of 14. The maximum weight our eBikes have been designed to support is 135kg


Do I need a lot of cycling experience to go on an eBike Tour?

No - as long as you have good balance and have ridden a bike before then you will be fine on an eBike. If you re unsure we do run special shorter beginner sessions so you can try it out 


Is it dangerous? do the eBikes go very fast?

No - eBikes go no faster than normal bikes they just make it easier to pedal and are great for going up hills. They are limited to 15 miles an hour by UK law. As we keep to trails and minor roads our Tours are a pretty safe way to spend your day. We have also done a detailed risk assessment that you can review if you have concerns is this area

Is there a lot of cycling on busy roads?

No - we cover all different types of terrain from cycle tracks to bridleway to quiet rural roads and hardly ever use a busy road, even then it would only be for a short distance to connect other routes

Is there lots of difficult off road cycling on bumpy tracks?

No - our tours are not for hard core mountain bikers and even our advanced tours are pretty tame compared to off road mountain biking 

What happens if the bike breaks down or has a puncture?

We use tubeless tyres so the likelihood of a puncture is almost non existent and in the unlikely event of any mechanical failure our tour support team can come and get you or replace the eBike

Can I get lost?

Definitely not on a guided tour!! but even on the self guided tour you have a GPS device like a car that shows you the route and tells you when to turn 

Are all the tours with a tour guide?

No - we offer guided or self guided whatever option suits you best 


What happens if you cannot finish your tour?

eBikes do make it easier for you so usually if you are struggling you can just turn up the assistance. However if you have had enough we can just come and pick you up

Do tours still go ahead if it is raining?

Yes - only severe weather warnings would cause our tours to be postponed. You can read more about this on our Weather and Cancelations page 

Can I change the date of my tour once it is booked?

Yes no problem. We only ask that you give us 7 days notice and we will make no charge 


What do I need to wear for an eBike Tour?

We provide a helmet and you really do not need any other specialist cycle gear just clothing you feel comfortable in that are suitable for the weather conditions. More information on our Preparing for Your Tour page

Do you do eBike bike hire?

No - we only sell tours but if you are just looking to hire an eBile we have plenty of contacts that could help  

What size eBikes do you have?

Large - 178cm to 193cm (5ft 8in to 6ft 3in)

Medium - 166cm to 181cm (5ft 4in to 5ft 9in)

Small - 154cm to 169cm (5ft to 5ft 5in)

Can I do the tours on my own bike?

Yes but only if you are going with somebody paying for a full tour. We have spent years perfecting our tours it is what our business is all about so it really does not make sense to give them away for free

Do you sell new or used eBikes?

Yes we do and better still we also sell off our well maintained hire fleet every 2 years so there are often some good deals to be had. You can register your interest here or visit our new eBike Sales page​

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