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Booking Terms & Conditions

Please read our full terms and conditions detailed below to make sure you are happy with them before confirming your booking 


Our eBike tours have been designed for all adults of any fitness level but as they are classed as "powered" transportation current UK Law means we cannot take bookings that includes anybody under 14 years old. At least one person per booking must be aged 18 or over and any persons under 18 years old must be clearly identified on the online booking form. Our eBikes are also only suitable for carrying up to 135kgs to include baggage so we regret that we also cannot offer tours to anybody weighing over 135 kgs.   


In order to book a tour payment must be made in advance by credit or debit card either online via our website or via a payment link emailed to you after a verbal booking. No tour dates are confirmed until payment for that tour has been made in full. In the event of equipment loss or damage we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the agreed amount 

Proof of Identity

An eBike is an expensive piece of equipment so before your tour can commence we need to see a valid Photo ID as proof of your identity such as a Passport or Drivers License which we will hold for the duration of the tour. We will remind you when we send your booking confirmation but please bring your ID with you as unfortunately without the Photo ID we will not be able to let you start your tour and there will be no refund given. Proof of ID is not required for guided tours

Damage to the eBike

Our eBikes are durable, robust and designed for touring so are unlikely to get damaged during on our tour routes. We use slime filled self sealing inner tubes in our tyres which should mean punctures should not be an issue but these would not be considered damages as they are part of normal wear and tear. If you had a crash or damaged the bike you would be responsible for the costs involved unless you have taken out our PeakePedals Damage Waiver (which is available to each participant at a small additional cost)

Damage to Third Parties

If you follow our safe cycling tips it is unlikely you will have an accident during your tour however you should make sure you have the appropriate travel insurance in place in case you cause injury to other people or damage to property. If you do not have this cover or are unsure if your insurance will cover you then our PeakePedals Damage Waiver cover also provides you with complementary personal liability cover up to £100,000. Please remember to check as our cover cannot be applied retrospectively and you would be liable for any claim if you have not purchased the damage waiver

Equipment Liability

When you start your tour we will issue you with Panniers, MIPs cycling helmet, GPS device, Gold standard lock, PeakePedals Toolkit, First Aid Kit, & OS Map. It is your responsibility to keep these items safe and any lost or damaged items will be charged for - see product cost list
For higher value items such as the GPS & Helmet it is recommended you keep these with you at all times. The equipment provided is not covered by the damage waiver cover

Theft & Insurance

All tour participants are responsible for the security of the eBike during their tour. The eBikes are insured against theft but only on the basis that if the eBike is left it is properly secured using the gold standard lock (supplied) around a fixed object and around the eBike frame. It is recommended that the eBikes are not left completely unattended. If the eBike is not properly secured as described previously then the tour participant  is responsible for the replacement cost of any bikes stolen.


As an outdoor activity eBike Touring can be affected by the weather conditions so It is always worth checking the weather forecast prior to your tour so you wear appropriate clothing for the conditions. As a general rule we will not cancel any eBike tours based on the weather unless the conditions are so extreme they are not safe for cycling. We use the Met Office to monitor if any severe weather warnings are expected. You can find out more details on our Weather Conditions page

Cancellation & Refunds 

Running Tours is our business so if you need to change the date of your pre-booked tour we do ask for at least seven days notice so that we have the opportunity to re-book your slot. There is no additional charge for changing the date of your tour. If you give us less than 7 days notice and we cannot resell the slot we reserve the right to charge a 50% re-booking fee. We do not offer refunds on pre-booked tours. You can find out more details on our Cancellation Policy page.

Booking Confirmation

All bookings are subject to availability and our confirmation of the acceptance of the booking. PeakePedals reserve the right to refuse or cancel any booking. A full refund would be made if a booking was refused or cancelled


Every tour participant will be supplied with a UK approved cycling helmet as part of their tour which must be worn at all times when using your eBike. You will also be provided with a HiViz vest (usage of this is optional but recommended). All our eBikes are checked before every tour and regularly maintained. Before each tour starts we will also provide a safety briefing to ensure you are comfortable with the safe operation of your bike. All tour participants should familiarise themselves with our cycling tips prior to their tour and attempt to minimise risk (see also our detailed Risk Assesment) The management accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or injury whilst riding PeakePedals Ltd eBikes or undertaking their tours. You are responsible for your own insurance against any potential injury to yourself during your tour. 


Although most all our tours are on cycle tracks, bridleway and quiet country lanes it is still important that you have a basic understanding of the Highway Code for Cyclists. We will provide a safety briefing at the start of your tour but we do recommend you make sure you have read the appropriate sections of the Highway Code. We also ask that you follow the Cycling Safety Advice and Mountain Biking Code of Conduct recommended by Cycling UK and published on their website. This can be shown to you at the briefing if you do not have access to it.

Navigation Instructions

All our self guided tours are provided with fully charged GPS satellite navigation units for bikes that have detailed and well researched routes.  We will also provide written directions for your tour. You should always obey road signage and lawfully use the highway.  This clearly takes precedent over tour instructions or directions.  For example there may be road closures, changes or it may be necessary to dismount and push the bikes on certain routes to comply with the law and for your own safety.  We recommend you take a copy of the tour directions with you as a backup option in the unlikely event that your GPS device fails for any reason 

Third Party Activities

If you are participating in one of our Multi Activity tours we will have provided a detailed explanation of what activities are provided. As we do not have direct control over these activities we cannot guarantee that sometimes slight changes may be made to these services  

Refreshment Stops

As part of every tour we provide multiple refreshment stops and although we endeavour to keep up to date with their opening hours and services we cannot be held responsible if these services are changed. We only recommend establishments we have visited but cannot warranty the quality of every meal - we recommend you check Trip Advisor reviews too 

Tour Support

We provide an emergency support number for every tour and are able to come out to you if you are lost, broken down or just do not want to finish your tour. We will always use best endeavours to reach you as soon as possible but cannot guarantee a specific time frame  

Late Returns

We understand that tours are often taken at a leisurely pace and do not charge late returns fees as standard but we reserve the right to do so if you are more than 15 minutes late without prior agreemen

Privacy & Data Protection

We conform to all stipulations in the data protection act and all our systems are GDPR compliant. We will not share your data with third parties and only use it to provide services and information as requested by you

Tour Tips

You may also want to take a look at our tour tips sections to understand more about our eBike safety advice   

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