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Self Guided or Guided

One of the main benefits of taking a tour with ePedals is that we provide tours rather than just rent you a bike and point you in the right direction. With our helpful and detailed digital or paper instructions our carefully planned tours can all be self guided or if you prefer one of the team can come with you on the journey adding a bit of local knowledge and culture to your eBike adventure 

Self Guided

All of our tours include the self guiding option for free

  • Route summary and guidance provided by one of our team when you collect your bikes

  • Garmin GPX navigation device fixed to the handlebars and pre-loaded with your tour directions

  • Detailed written instructions emailed to you (can be supplied printed on request)

  • Helpline available if you have any problems during your tour


One of our team will ride the tour with you - Minimum 2 riders 

  • No need to take any directions as we will guide you all the way on your journey 

  • Will act as your very own tour guide pointing out interesting landmarks 

  • Expert knowledge on the best stopping places

  • Providing advice and support on how to ride your eBike 

Self Guided Options


GPS Navigation Device on Handlebars

We provide detailed GPS navigation for all our tours and for each booking group you will have at least one GPS device attached to the handlebars of your eBike which works just like a Sat Nav in a car giving you reliable turn-by-turn directions and making sure you know every track, hill and corner of your ePedals tour

What Tour Do You Want to Do?

All of our 30+ tours can be self guided or guided the choice is yours
click the green button below to find the right one for you  

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