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Tour Tips

Detailed below are a few useful tips to help you get the most from your eBike tour.
Please take a few minutes to read them before your tour date 

Safe eBiking Tips

Most of your tours will take place on traffic free or very quiet country lanes but it still important to understand the Highway Code and take a look at off road cycling tips. We will always make sure the eBike is set up safely for you before each tour but some cycling knowledge is important

  1. Don't over stretch yourself - ride within your comfort zone

  2. Keep loose let your bike do the work

  3. Stay seated change gear if pedalling difficult

  4. Look for gear change messages on your Kiox 300

  5. When going downhill shift weight & brake consistently
    rather than sharply 

  6. Maintain momentum keep pedalling

  7. Keep in a rut if it has steep sides

  8. Careful on corners not too fast

  9. Use hand signals on roads

  10. If a road is too busy ride on pavement
    if quiet or push for a short distance

Garmin GPS

All tours have been created as GPX files and on every tour at least one eBike will have a Bike Sat Nav that works pretty much the same as a car satnav. Here are some usage tips to make sure you do not get lost

  1. Follow the Blue line on the map

  2. Ensure your location arrow is on that Blue line

  3. Look at the Green bar at the top for next turn

  4. If using a road will Green Bar will show name

  5. Listen for the beep - this is when to turn

  6. Sometime Green Bar shows directions for the 
    next turn while still completing current turn

  7. Watch the Blue line to confirm route if unsure

  8. Only works up to100 metres off route

  9. Dotted line shows you way back to route 

  10. If lost use OS Mao / Directions to return to route

EN_komoot_map_on_Garmin_turn_promot (2)_

Battery Management

Battery usage will vary dependant on mode, terrain, weight & usage. Our 625KW batteries will always be fully charged & have the basic capacity for every tour. Detailed opposite are some useful tips

  1. Keep an eye on top left - Battery % left

  2. Top right shows current mode

  3. Garmin will show distance completed / left

  4. AUTO is great for shorter tours

  5. If you get to less than 50% & less than 50%
    covered start to look at Battery Management

  6. ECO will help preserve the battery 

  7. Battery charger in panniers in an emergency
    but should not be needed

  8. Only the bigger hills where you need TURBO or AUTO

Booking Terms & Conditions

All tours are subject to our standard Booking Terms & Conditions which cover some general rules for tour participants 

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